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Carl albert

Carl Albert’s Devin Wallace – Cheer Spotlight – Presented by Candace Cunningham – Shelter Insurance

Devin Wallace

Devin Wallace, a Carl Albert High School senior, has been cheering for about 8 years.

“My mom did cheer in high school, so she took me to a cheer gym for tumbling classes, then I got interested in being a part of a team,” Wallace said. “When I started the tumbling classes, I was in, like, first grade, but I started cheering on a team in fifth grade.”

Wallace tried several sports during her youth days.

“Growing up, I played soccer, ballet and did cross country at my elementary school,” said Wallace.

But she gravitated towards cheer above all others — simply put, “because it was the sport I enjoyed to do.” Eventually, Wallace dropped all others for cheer.

“Being able to experience the energy at football games and trying out different stunts,” Wallace said.

She witnessed many big Carl Albert football wins and was on the sideline for all 14 wins of the Titans’ undefeated season and 5A state championship campaign last spring. But her No. 1 favorite memory in a Titans uniform came at their stunt games.

“Last year, when we participated in all our stunt games,” Wallace said, “we were all happy and just good, supportive energy throughout us participating in those games.”

“Devin’s quiet disposition before giving valuable input, talented backspotting skills and willingness to do anything the team needs makes her such an asset to the team,” Wallace’s coach said.

The relationships Wallace fostered with her teammates through the years were perhaps the most important aspect of her cheerleading career.

“If you don’t have a strong relationship with your teammates, then it’ll make it harder to go out and play as a team, which could lessen the chances of going out and performing your best,” Wallace said.

One particular teammate from the past had a profound impact on Wallace’s development.

“A senior, my freshman year, named Jordan Schmidt,” Wallace said. “She was always so positive and just all-around a good leader.”

Wallace has plans to stay local after high school while pursuing higher education.

“I plan on attending Rose State College for two years then enrolling in their dental hygiene program,” Wallace said.

Participating in team sports isn’t an easy endeavor, but successes like Wallace demonstrate the importance of learning to cooperate with others. She knows it will help her in the long run.

“I’ll be able to take constructive criticism without getting offended,” Wallace said. “[And] being able to work together cohesively with others even in tough situations.”

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