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Collin Bond: ‘Driving’ to Success- Presented by Ortho Central

By Payton Moody

In the world of sports at Community Christian High School, one senior is set for a remarkable season in golf. Collin Bond, with his passion for both basketball and golf, is stepping onto the greens this season with a purpose.

On the basketball court, Collin’s presence as a shooting guard is undeniable. His skill, agility and competitive spirit make him a tough opponent for any team. But it’s on the golf course where Collin truly shines. As the anchor of his team as the first bag, he exudes confidence and determination with every swing.

What drives Collin to excel? For him, it’s the pursuit of success in his sport. “I’m a pretty competitive guy, so I stay motivated by chasing the ones ranked higher than me. I have such a passion for the game that I just can’t bring myself away from it, so that also brings motivation. “

Behind every great athlete is a strong support system, and for Collin, that support comes from his family. His father has been instrumental in shaping Collin’s mindset for success. Despite not being well-versed in golf, Collin’s father instilled in him a winning attitude that has guided him through countless challenges. “My dad has read so many mindset books and relays the information to me. My mom is great because she stands behind me no matter what I shoot or place. I am truly blessed and I couldn’t ask for better mentors or parents.”

Collin also credits his basketball coach, Tim Price, for igniting his competitive edge. “He sparked a competitive fire in me that I now use in golf,” Collin explained. This seamless transition between sports showcases Collin’s versatility and adaptability as an athlete.

Reflecting on his journey, Collin recalls a pivotal moment on the golf course: sinking a 40-foot putt to clinch victory in front of his dad, a moment he won’t forget.

With plans to compete at the collegiate level in Stillwater (OSU) and eventually make his mark on the PGA tour, Collin is poised to leave a lasting impact on the game of golf.

For Collin, representing his family and school is a privilege—one that he doesn’t take lightly. “Representing my family and school means so much to me. Competing for my school means a lot because they have given me tremendous support, especially my coach, coach Jerry Stephens. Competing is a great opportunity glorify God and set an example for what Community Christian stands for.”

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